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sitting in the garden of eden

18.00"W x 24.00"H x 2.0"D

$530 (Shipping Included)

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Zion Blount


Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: pop art, illustrations, musical, surrealism, expressionism

Media: marker, pen on paper

Size: 18"W x 24"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2017

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Colorful Concepts with one goal in mind. to elevate art to a new heights in order to challenge the viewer's thoughts, provoking a broad spectrum of emotion. Art is more than colors on paper, it is the expression of the ideas, feeling the soul

The ink and the paper hold a special place in my heart. The pieces I produce are a reflection of my very own Elysium that I crafted in my mind. What you see is a representation of my past life experiences, my interests and also my future aspirations. The possibilities of creation are endless and I am constantly motivated by the visions that plague my thoughts. The moment where I start using the ink to grace the canvas, is the same moment where I release the gate and invite you to accommodate me on the journey; the journey of exploration, liberation, positivity and self-actualization. One of my many aims is to inspire the viewer by evoking or awakening a particular dormant emotion. I seek to challenge your sensibilities while soothing your visual appetite with my selection of psychedelic colors. The content presented in my pieces are symbolic but also passively expressive. Whether the placement of the symbols is intentional or not, they still have a place in overall composition and whatever is placed always has a visual connection with my viewers. The forms that I construct are inspired by my appreciation of childhood innocence and spirituality. I hope that my work will allow the viewer to create their own perfect world in the constructs of their mind while still attempting to deconstruct what takes in my own. My works of art are living dreams for the people who wish to escape their own reality. “Set wings to the mind and give flight to the imagination.” They say that your only limitation is your imagination, but gladly, my art makes me limitless. Zion Blount is a unique artist. Growing up in the Caribbean islands, he started drawing at age 13. after years of practice with shapes and figures,a different kind of inspiration came forth. what your see are intuitively draw images of portals. Rich in symbolism, these drawing invite you into a deferent realm of existence.

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