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Migration | Vermilion Sky - II

37.00"W x 44.00"H x 1.3"D

$2,640 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: deep red, blue sky, night sky, clouds, cloudscape, pinks, purple, oversized, oversized painting, large painting, ready, multicolored, statement, impressive, wow, love, lovers, for her

Media: watercolor, acrylic, oil on canvas

Size: 37"W x 44"H x 1.3"D

Year Created: 2017

Independent, driven, yet fragile, her artistic ideology is a form of self-reflection. It lies with uncertain trajectory of a paper plane – a delicate vessel connecting space and time. The philosophical message shrouded in Yuliya’s elegant creations varies from painting to painting providing for less obvious emotional narrative. 
Visualising chaotic or organised trajectories with her paper plane formations, she emphasises positive values of adaptive human behaviour and prevailing strength over perceived weakness.  She also charges the little planes with an identity of a faceless portrait allowing for individual ability to overcome challenges facing unfamiliar highs in solitude or as a group. 
Yuliyas’ practice combines subtle watercolour techniques and colour intense acrylic blends that create vibrant, or to the contrast, delicate surfaces sealed with oil and alkyd mediums . 

Born in Kazakhstan in 1980, I call London ‘home’ from 2005. Studied art and law. One became a passion, the other one was a job. Full time artist from 2015. The artistic direction, i.e. my relentless attempts to capture the suspense of time in a flying moment, was found within 6 months. Ever since, I was busy creating collections searching for different ways to tell a story about the paper plane or a floating boat. Working mainly on paper and canvas, I jazz up watercolour with other media to preserve and enhance its delicate nature. Love clever art installations, mid century Japanese paintings, Scandinavian minimalism and buying pink or blue shades every time I pass an art shop.

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