15.00"W x 25.00"H x 0.0"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Yazmin Moktan


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: romantic, expressionistic, impressionistic, landscape

Media: oil, paint

Size: 15"W x 25"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2018

At this point in my life, I do not have a specific style or a preferred medium. I have enjoyed working with a variety of media which include but are not limited to graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels, oil paints, watercolors and acrylic colors. To be able to have a hand in the shaping of communications by combining artistic skills with knowledge of other disciplines, employing various media and art techniques to articulate ideas and information comprehensibly in visual, written and verbal forms is what I would like to be a part of in the near future. If there is one thing I can assure anybody of about myself, it is that I have the work ethic and dedication that is required in order to make something that would make you stop and look. If hours on end in a cramped spot are the only price I need to pay to create my art, then bring on the pins and needles.

yazmin moktan 19 years kathmandu, nepal born in the foothills of the himalayas and raised in a city that thrives on its chaos, i have lived my life always surrounded by beauty and madness. i have witnessed their heart wrenching poverty and pain, yet the people in nepal still are the most hardworking and cheery ones i have ever met. they have taught me to live every day, cherish every little moment, and to be happy with just what i have. all of this is exhibited in my art, into which i pour all the love i have been given throughout my life.

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