NY TSHIRT painting #14, Rustic & Shabby

8.00"W x 10.00"H x 1.0"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: timber, recycled, material, reclaimed, hispter, love, work, original, decoration, home, decor, ny, city, painted, hand, wall, paint, york, new, rustic, shabby, hippie, board, canvas, paper, souvenir, gift, unique, handmade, painting, acrylic, nyc

Media: acrylic on paper, reclaimed

Size: 8"W x 10"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2016

Multi color acrylic painting on reclaimed paper. 14th of NY TSHIRT series. Represents iconic symbols that make us love New York.

This creation is an acrylic painting in multi colors on reclaimed brown paper.

It is the 14th piece in my "I LOVE NY TSHIRT" series started in January 2016.
It represents the busy atmosphere of New York City and displays iconic locations, symbols and activity that make New York such a unique and energizing city.

Make a perfect gift for a New York City lover or visitor.
Great piece to lighten up a room and add colors to your walls

This piece is 8 x10 in

All of my creations are made of reclaimed material that I find in New York City.
They are made in my studio in Chelsea at the rhythm of what the City provides.
My creations may vary in size, shape and base depending of the supply material that I find.

For commission, I usually paint and ship within in 7-10 days

Framed and signed by artist

Purchase is final, not refundable

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries for custom orders, different colors or material.
Thanks!g for inspiration everywhere I go.
I paint on whatever I find in the streets of NYC.
Still trying to deal with imperfection. Style is my own, I am working on it

Adele French is a New York based artist. Adele roams the city wearing her favorite I LOVE NY T-shirt looking for inspiration to create her artwork. You might come across her and her work while in New York City. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter to discover her world and enjoy a unique and creative vision of New York City. About her work: She paints candid scenes of iconic New York City. Her paintings are mostly created on reclaimed material provided by the city. The texture and the irregular shape of theses material blend with her sincere style giving a rudimentary charm to her creations. Adele started painting in 2011 and held her first exhibition in 2012. Her artwork has been displayed in galleries, art fairs, home ware stores and coffee shops in Sydney, Paris, Lisbon and New York Adele’s latest series: The NY T-shirt started in 2016 has enjoyed great commercial success through online retail as well as showings in New York City Follow her on Instagram: @WhoIsAdeleFrench and Twitter: @WhoIsAdeleFr

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