This is my heart

8.00"W x 8.00"H x 4.0"D

$250 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: antique, modern, abstract, life, woodland, illustration, mixed-media, cut-out, paper, tree, death, alive, heart, 3-d

Media: ink, paper, painting, white, shadow, box, 3-d, cut-out, open, pencil, pen, illustration

Size: 8"W x 8"H x 4"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

This piece started with a detailed pencil drawing of an old tree intended to be separate
from the focus of the piece. Some how the two elements became fused together. The bright almost fluorescent life like heart is enveloped within the cut out illustrated leaves in the foreground. We are part of the cycle - ending up as part of the undergrowth and decay which in turn creates life.

This small detailed image sits in a 7 x 7 White wooden box frame - comes with glass but all my pieces look good without glass so you can see the layers. etc.

Multi Media Artist Designer/Illustrator Austin,Texas Victoria Corbett is an illustrator/fine artist who grew up in the rural town of Windsor, Berkshire, England. She attended Maidenhead College of Art and Design, which is now part of London University. During the early years, she spent great amounts of time doing the one thing she loved most – drawing. Her creations were inspired by everything around her – strange and eccentric people, beautiful architecture and trees, and the far away places she visited with her family. After traveling for several years, she settled in Austin, Texas, where her career as an artist grew into its own. Victoria has had the opportunity to branch out into many areas of art and design. Her clients include Peter Bay – Conductor of the Austin Symphony, The Austin City Limits Music Festival, Little City Coffee Shop, and Jean Rather. When not working on new products for her line, Victoria is busy with graphic design work, branding, lettering, murals, and commissioned fine art.

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