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Taste, Ginger cow painting

17.50"W x 22.00"H x 1.2"D

$700 (Shipping Included)

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Victoria Coleman

Highley, SAL

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: farm animal, contemporary farm painting, animal painting, animal art, animal, oranges and reds, bison, ginger hair, cow painting, cow portrait, cow art, cow

Media: paint on canvas

Size: 17.5"W x 22"H x 1.2"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

As I have used emulsion paints for such a long time in my career I use them now in my artwork, they are very versatile and come in great colours with strong pigments, water based and easy to dilute and put through an air brush.
Due to my love of animals especially dogs my work is mostly animal based and so I endeavour to achieve a likeness which is particularly important when painting pet portraits. I am a simple soul and love the fun and great characters animals portray consequently my paintings are quite light hearted and occasionally humorous. When I paint I work the image up in layers often airbrushing in tone and depth until I feel the painting is complete and I have captured the likeness of my subject.

After working as a commercial artist in the prop making industry for many years I am excited to be free to create pictures of the things I love. My passion for painting and the desire to pay tribute to animals is what drives me, to capture their beauty, their personality and their sense of humour. I love the feeling I get when an animal looks me in the eyes and acknowledges me, it somehow makes me feel significant as if we have an unspoken understanding. I must just tell you that the dogs and I are lucky enough to have just moved to the beautiful Shropshire countryside where I will be temporarily working in the kitchen until we have enough saved for a studio in the garden. Image and style is really important to me so the correct positioning and pose is crucial. I paint mostly on canvas or stretched paper using mostly emulsion paint, I build up layers until I am happy with the result. As my work is all about the detail I like to use an assortment of brushes to achieve different textures and effects and to add weight and tone I use an air brush. It’s those familiar feelings of love, amusement and respect that I aim for in my work, I want to celebrate animals and the great pleasure they give us. I also take commissions so if you like my style of work and have a pet you'd like me to immortalise on canvas please contact me through Artfinder for price and size details. I'm getting to grips with social media too so why not join me on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest? Thank you!

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