Keep Calm, This too Shall Pass

11.00"W x 14.00"H x 0.5"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

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Tori Jane


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: photo, mixed media, girl, little, vintage, fantasy, whimsical, quirky

Media: acrylic, paper, ribbon, lace, paint, satin

Size: 11"W x 14"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

have you ever felt like the circumstances you're in will never change? "Keep Calm... This too Shall Pass" reminds us that no matter what pain or problems we may encounter, they will soon pass.

I created this piece when I found this amazing vintage photo just a few months ago in May, 2015.

I was inspired to create this piece with 3-dimensional elements as I was going through a rough time that month. Having grown tired of the single life, I was complaining about how my circumstances were troubling my heart. Then I found this photo and I laughed as I realized this too shall pass.
The piece has many three-dimensional elements. Every feather on the bird has been hand cut and textured with a tiny scissor. Her satin bow, flowers, pearls and lace on her dress are three dimensional as well. I love the look this creates as your eyes go to various depths when taking in the piece. It comes in a white frame with glass and is ready to hang!

I believe that each of us has the ability to create any life we choose. No matter what our circumstances are today, or what we may have been through, every day is a new page in our "story". We can choose to fill those pages with happiness, abundance, generosity, and playfulness. My artwork often portrays the contrasts between light and dark, as we must come to know one to appreciate the other. I hope that my work will inspire you to connect to your own divine creativity, and truly create the life your heart desires!

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