Beauty and the Beast

30.00"W x 20.00"H x 2.5"D

$400 (Shipping Included)

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Tori Jane


Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: dragon, beast, the, beauty, whimsical, quirky, fantasy, dragons

Media: acrylic, photo, modeling paste, jewels, paint

Size: 30"W x 20"H x 2.5"D

Year Created: 2018

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"Beauty and the Beast"- I used to think of dragons as a kind of "spirit animal" as they are known to fiercely protect their treasure. Some years ago, I was feeling very vulnerable in life and in much need of protection. Dragons represented a symbol of strength that I needed. But as time passed, I came to cultivate my own inner warrior goddess, and the need for an imagined protector vanished. I created this piece to reflect the strength we each posess and can access any time, through our connection to Spirit!

"Beauty and the Beast" is a phenomenal sculpted mixed media art piece featuring a fierce dragon and warrior princess. The dragon was created by layering modeling paste over a constructed form, then etching out the pattern of his scales. The artwork is framed in a 20x30 shadow box to protect its unique 3D elements.

I believe that each of us has the ability to create any life we choose. No matter what our circumstances are today, or what we may have been through, every day is a new page in our "story". We can choose to fill those pages with happiness, abundance, generosity, and playfulness. My artwork often portrays the contrasts between light and dark, as we must come to know one to appreciate the other. I hope that my work will inspire you to connect to your own divine creativity, and truly create the life your heart desires!

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