Impetuous flying fish in the backyard

40.00"W x 30.00"H x 1.5"D

$500 (Shipping Included)

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Todd Brown


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: surrealism, modern, abstract, suspending, creature, water, fish

Media: acrylic, marker, pen

Size: 40"W x 30"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2018

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Todd Brown enjoys creating narratives with multiple meanings. His acrylic paintings on canvas use the old-masters' technique of under drawing, and are organized with layers of colored glazes that overlap one another. He "bleeds" most canvases with sharp intense colors and images that strive to challenge the human eye. Some of the characters and sources for his images are amplified and caricatural. Most figures and houses in the body of work could be considered to be certain personalities that he has have once met or past true life experiences. Some of the figures have been past self portraits. There are common landscape scenes with small neighborhoods of houses that are juxtaposed in uncommon placements. His houses occupy scenes of landscapes or neighborhoods that appear in uncommon placements. Most often it is the quintessential subtle image or feature that provides the primary information. In some work, he has completely gone over and covered old ideas with all new compositions.

I grew up drawing sharks and tracing everything I could find that would interest me. I grew up with a family of artists. My father, grandfather and multiple aunts all had amazing artistic talents. And to this day, I can see how some of their art styles & characteristics are still in my work. All I wanted to do as a kid was to paint, instead I had to first learn the art of drawing with charcoal. Later in college I double majored in fine arts and art history, I went on to have had multiple exhibitions and successful art shows. After I graduated I intended to become an art therapist or art professor, Instead, I got into the fine jewelry business, and never really looked back to my art. Recently, I was challenged by another artist and friend to create a painting in 30 days. Its been about four years since my last painting, in the interim, family, and life happened. I discovered photography, mostly with my iPhone, and making collages. I found doing my art was slowly becoming addicting and satisfying once again.

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