23.65"W x 17.62"H x 0.3"D

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Brogan Wassell


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: history, modernism, pattern, african, masks, patterns, surreal, blue, green, modern

Media: paper, wax, bleach, pencil

Size: 23.65"W x 17.62"H x 0.25"D

Year Created: 2018

This is a piece that I made when I was in highschool trying to improve my methods of using still art subject matter. At first I simply drew the African Masks onto a plain dark blue paper using wax pencils but I felt like I would be betraying the message of uniqueness and heritage that the masks pervaded by blinding it in a drab dark blue. So on the idea of a friend I incorporated some patterns seen on African warrior's shields and mixed and made them my own. Then to make the picture pop even more I doused a little bleach here and there into the paper to really make the contrast stand out. It is 24"x18"

From the backwoods of the sticks of Catanduanes to eventually going to Faith Academy in the Philippines before now starting school in Riverside California while residing in San Jose California I feel like a crazed man. My experiences overseas growing up while not unique have grown my creative talents and expanded my ability to think outside the box and try to break down concepts to tell a story. Sometimes its turning letters into ships. Other times it can be focusing on one single concept like illumination or ideation or separation. Either way I'm sort of an populist iconoclast. If everyone is a rebel I follow the rules and vice versa. Not to mention I love the creative process in of itself. Once you get started it can be difficult but anything difficult is made easy if you love it. This bringing of things from conceptual to finished is what I love and more importantly fleshing out the conceptual stages as much as possible.

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