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Son of Mr Pompous

19.69"W x 19.69"H x 2.4"D

$490 (Shipping Included)

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Ta Thimkaeo

Khanom, 80

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: blue eyes, cartoon, portrait, oil painting, boy

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 19.69"W x 19.69"H x 2.36"D

Year Created: 2017

My art explores many styles, from Modernism through Impressionism, Expressionism and Cubism to the more traditional and homespun themes that reflects the immense pride I have in Thailand.

The paintings that I create are meant to inspire and uplift, as well as enhance your interiors. I believe that our homes should be sanctuaries that surrounds us with comfort, colour, beauty and the things we love. If you feel an emotional connection to a work, or you just love the colours and the art makes you feel good, then I've accomplished what I set out to do.

Working primarily in oil. I employ bold use of colour woven into my art to produce original and striking paintings. An accomplished fine portrait artist my true passion is in colour and how arrangement of colour can produce a different emotional experience of art.

I want to create paintings which draw the viewer in, which makes them stop…and then see more than the initial work form and colour.

I wrote once of Ta that it would be easier for her to walk on the moon then be an artist, as I write this,Ta is now over the moon. It all started early one morning on 06/08/1974, when Ta was born. We know it was early because someone remembers seeing the Monks out collecting their offerings Ta’s Mom had marked the date on the wall with a piece of chalk but forgot to add the time, so some weeks later when Mom Dad and all the family went into town to register her birth it was then someone recalled seeing the monks, so it must have being early. Ta was born into a hard working, but very poor family; but so was everybody else in the village. Her mom was a farmer, Dad a carpenter, good with his hands. Ta learnt a lot from her dad; which helped her later as an artist as she still makes some of her own frames. Her dad built the wooden house she was born into. A typically Thai house made of wood, built, on stilts with pigs and chickens freely running round underneath the house. The land they owned and farmed was very poor, right up against a mountain, very dry with no access to water which made growing conditions very difficult and often the rice crop would fail. The village had little or no electric or running water. Life was very difficult, It was a farming area, mainly rice with most people working in the rice fields, that was their life. There was little ambition or opportunity to do anything else. Ta was very tall for her age, so when she was very young and still at school she had to work in the rice fields, as for most kids, they would have to work at planting and harvesting either before or after school and in the holidays, some kids were taken out of school completely, Ta was lucky and managed to stay at school until she was twelve. Working as a rice farmer is hard back breaking work, bending over all day in the hot sun in water infested with snakes and God knows what, to plant the seedlings, or working in scorching hot fields with no shade to harvest the rice, your hands cut to ribbons. Ta was always different from the rest of the people in her village she just wanted to escape knowing there was a different world out there just didn't know where. At 13, she worked in an (illegal) sweat shop in Bangkok making shirts, at 14, was driving a pick up truck seven days a week 14 hours a day selling vegetables, at 20, selling pick up trucks very successfully. The one time when Ta was in Bangkok working in the factory, and on a day off she went for a walk. But didn't get far. She came across an old art studio with an old man painting, with oil paints and she stood and watched him for ages. He invited her in and showed her what he was doing and showed her round his studio. It was then she knew she wanted to be like that old man and paint. Ta loved that old studio. loved the chaos, the smell of paint & varnish; it was fascinating and she was well and truly hooked. Ta didn't know how she was going to do it but I knew one day I was going to be an artist. It was in 2010 when she was in her late 30s, alone, divorced and working in a hotel in Koh Samui doing the only job she could get, a toilet cleaner. As a result of a sketch, her life completely changed she was given an opportunity, that opportunity was art, Ta grabbed it with both hands. Ta opened a gallery in Koh Samui, sold a lot of paintings but not for a lot of money, but learnt a lot. Later, on a visit to the UK Ta was like a kid in a sweet shop she couldn't believe the art galleries and museums that were there, she was fascinated and spent as much time as she could in them, she went to the Tate, there was a Lowry exhibition on, she was speechless it’s difficult to explain to people who take such things for granted. Ta was fascinated by artists who pushed the boundaries, who experimented, who changed the art world and their art lives on so many years later. In January 2018, Ta was picked by ArtFinder as one to watch and invest in, art has completely changed her life for the better she’s in the art world now and that’s where she’s staying. Ta now lives and works in a beautiful house and studio overlooking the stunning gulf of Thailand, she has sent her work to over 23 countries, to 5th Ave New York, Miami Beach, Berkley Square London, Hong Kong, Monaco and Singapore to name a few. A collector who has bought plenty of Ta’s work lives in Amsterdam, which is not short of great artists and art galleries. Not bad for a girl from the rice fields of Thailand.

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