Light into the Dark

12.00"W x 16.00"H x 0.1"D

$200 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: turquoise, black, blue, gesture, pencil, contemporary, modern, abstract

Media: acrylic, oil, pencil, bar

Size: 12"W x 16"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2018

12x16 Acrylic on canvas paper. An abstract piece using cool colors. This original artwork would look perfect in your space in a simple black modern frame. This would complement almost any decor and add a splash of vibrant color to your space.

I am a culinary artist as well as an abstract artist. I work in acrylics, oil bar, india ink, charcoal, graphite and china marker. I mainly use palette knives, brushes, my fingers and anything else lying around that will help me achieve my vision. Each piece I create has many hidden layers that are put down then scratched off to reveal part of the truths underneath. I continue to build upon each layer until I feel I have covered and uncovered it's truth. I then intuitively know when the piece is done. Alternatively, since I have a culinary background, this is how I create in the kitchen. I layer and season each of the ingredients appropriately until I have my finished edible piece. I find the end result in both cases can be quite provocative, if not delicious.

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