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WHY SERIES by Tad Takano ©1991

28.00"W x 32.00"H x 1.0"D

$2,810 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Photography

Subject Tags: takanocybergram, modern, abstract, contemporary art, abstract art, photograph, cybergram, gelatin print, oriental fiber print, modern art, contemporary, original print, handmade, handmade original, handmade by artist

Media: black & white on black and white, modern art, contemporary art, silver gelatin, fiberphotographic paper

Size: 28"W x 32"H x 1"D

Year Created: 1991

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"These works which I have chosen to call "cybergram" are the result of many years of development and exploration. They are the direct and unique result of the art and design experience coupled to robotic technology.

All of the works so far explored are based upon the segmented iteration and movement of a single motif numerically controlled at a computer, although different motifs have been interchanged and generated within a single work.

Outside of a few dozen pieces, there has been no prior diagramming of the final result. There is no graphic monitoring other than the values entered. Some measurements of the motif are made.

The work has been developed primarily by intuitive means, mapping and calculating "on the fly" the values of a developing concept.

Tad Takano – Chicago

STUDIO GRAND represents the TAD TAKANO CYBERGRAM™ PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT COLLECTION. Takano pioneered an entirely new art medium, the cybergram™ print. He designed and built a computer controlled robotic machine that functioned like an animation device. Visualizing increments of movement and coding an IBM 5160 computer, Takano enabled the device (BIGS robotic machine) to expose small parts of photographic paper through a high contrast negative or simply by manipulating a mask under a light source. It wasn't until Takano processed the print using tradition darkroom chemicals that an image emerged. Some of his prints have as many as 2000 moves and 2000 exposures. The results are high concept design art in the photographic realm. Enjoy and Thank you for visiting the portfolio.

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