Bal Ganesh

15.00"W x 22.00"H x 1.0"D

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Sonali Mohanty


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: stretched canvas, acrylics, acrylic, painting, original artwork, story, storytelling, indian mythology, blue, yellow, baby, ganesha, ganesh

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 15"W x 22"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2015

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"Bal Ganesha or baby Ganesha was a naughty child, unlike the quiet Kartikeya. Little Ganesha was always up to mischief, doing things he should not be doing and driving his mother Parvati.

Bal Ganesha was fond of sweets, especially laddoos. Whenever Parvati prepared a special meal for her family, her son who would happily eat up most of the laddoos from the large platters, leaving very few for his father(shiva) and brother(kartikeya).

Sitting astride his peacock, Kartikeya travelled everywhere, often taking his father’s messages to the gods. Seeing this,Ganesha also wanted a vahana (sort of a vehicle) but Parvati refused.She knew that it would mean more work for her. She would end up looking after her baby and whichever creature he chose as his vahana.

Ganesha threw a mighty tantrum shattering the peace and disturbing his father who was meditating. On hearing the reason behind the commotion, Shiva forgot his angry and beckoned little Ganesha and told him that he had the perfect vahana for him.

Over the last week, Shiva’s meditation had been disturbed by the constant squeaks of a scampering mouse who had also chewed up his meditation mat!!

It was time to bring two naughty creatures together!!!

Parvati smiled. Her clever husband had once again solved her problem. Now her little Ganesha would not trouble her, as he would be too busy keeping his mischievous vahana under control. It would take Ganesha years to learn to control his mouse, and by then he would have outgrown his mischief!"

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I am an engineer by education, was an IT professional by occupation but now am an artist by choice. Having moved to New Jersey, US from India in the mid of 2016, I feel that this is an opportunity for me to showcase my form of artwork. Here is a bit about myself, my inspiration for my artwork and my past accomplishments. I am a self taught free lance artist with a passion to create artwork using various media. I am inspired by things around me and my expertise is in the usage of a wide range of colors and textures. Indian rural women with their ethnic clothes and natural grace make for very interesting composition and painting. They are my favorite subjects to paint. India is a place of diverse colors and subjects which has inspired me to use vibrant colors and motifs in most of my paintings. My artwork has been displayed successfully in various exhibitions in India and has been featured in the upcoming artist section in Better Interior Magazine in November 2010. Recently my works have also been displayed at an international art exhibition at Budapest, Hungary, Malaysia and Singapore. My clientele includes people from all over the world - India, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur , Singapore , South Africa, UK and the US - where my paintings have been part of interior decoration and family memorabilia. Following is a gist of the past exhibitions featuring my artwork: 2013-2014: Several private exhibitions and displays at famous restaurants in Bangalore, organized by BlankWall Art gallery March 2014: Akanksha - A group exhibition held at Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore. One of fifty indian women artists from all over India invited to take part in the exhibition. March 014: Showcased my paintings at Kazi30 international art show, Budapest Hungary May 2014: Showcased paintings at Art Evolution 2014 exhibition at Kolkata organised by the ArtOfColors gallery May 2014: The global icon: Ganesha, organised by Gnani art gallery at singapore. Had a sold out event which was covered by singapore art guide and local newspapers Sept 2014: Successfully participated in the Malaysia Art fair 2014 as part of Gnani art gallery Nov 2014: Part of Singapore Art fair 2014 as part of Gnani art gallery Apr 2015: 2nd edition of Akanksha - A group exhibition held at Chitra kala parishad, Bangalore. May 2015: Gnani Arts Exhibition: Buddha in Singapore ... Had a sold out event which was covered by Singapore art guide and local leading newspapers. June-October 2015: several successful exhibitions through Blankwall Art and Reves Gallery in Bangalore January 2016: Mythology Revisited... Part of a group show of eminent artists of India for raising funds for the victims of chennai floods, organised by Artist's Conclave and Art House, Chennai March 2016: Akanksha 2016(3rd edition) part of a group show of 40 emerging artists from all over India August 2016: Gnani Arts exhibition ... The Victory Icon: Ganesha in contemporary art

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