Sitka, Alaska

24.00"W x 12.00"H x 1.0"D

$500 (Shipping Included)

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Sidney Vaughn


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: realism

Media: oil

Size: 24"W x 12"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

I enjoy painting real places and scenes, animals and nature. I want to feel like I am in the middle of the scene painted.
This is a real location at Sitka, Alaska including the beautiful lighthouse
Sidney Vaughn

My name is Sidney Vaughn. I am a Vango artist. Thank you for visiting my portfolio. About Sidney VaughnSIDNEY THE ARTIST OUR ROCK HOUSE I never thought of myself as an artist, I just loved to paint. As a kid in grade school the class was told to draw a safety poster. Mine won. At about 14 years old, I helped my dad paint our stucco house white. We used what we called “whitewash” and this paint was free. It was the lime residue from a welding machine at my Uncle Tom Whitcamp’s garage, and it was a pretty good paint substitute. But, I wasn’t satisfied with a white house. How great would it be if we had a rock house? I told my dad I could paint our house to look like a rock house. He said okay and I did. It lasted several years. MURALS AT HOME The inside of our house was stucco like the outside, and I painted several of the walls with different scenes. All I had was poster paints and they worked very well. On the main living room wall I painted a large mountain scene with a stream and a fallen tree crossing the stream. On the log was a bulldog with a rose in his mouth carrying it across the stream to . . . his mom, I guess. On other walls I had a muscular Indian, “Big toe Joe” and on another a wagon train. MY FIRST OIL PAINTING During my teen age years I worked at Ibe Whitcamp’s sawmill. It was hard work but I had time to myself evenings and weekends. A neighbor lady, Lizza, agreed to buy me a set of oil paints, if I would paint her a picture. I gladly agreed. I painted her a different mountain scene but still with a stream and a fallen log across it. But this time I had a porcupine on one end of the log wanting to cross and on the other end was a rattlesnake facing the porcupine. Who would win this road-rage battle? The viewer had to decide for themselves. I gave Lizza the painting and she said she liked it, but I never saw it again. My first oil painting. DRASTIC CHANGE OF DIRECTION I enjoyed painting and had dreams of maybe being a comic strip artist or a political poster artist. I took an art class in High School and this drastically changed my life, and not for the good. Our teacher told us she wanted us to draw something from your imagination, “I don’t want you to look at anything” she said, for “If you have to look at something to draw or paint it, you are cheating!” This statement haunted me. I sure didn’t want to cheat, and about all I could think of to draw was airplanes and grotesque faces, and she didn’t like them. So, I left all my paint and brushes behind. A TWENTY YEAR SABBATICAL For about twenty years I did not attempt to draw or paint. I went to Kerrville Bible Training Work, got married, and went on with my life. Some twenty years later I was working in a print shop, studying printing, layout design, etc., when a graphic artist told me how, in order to get a job as a commercial artist at a newspaper he spent the entire weekend looking at and copying other people’s work. He had to teach himself fast how to draw designer clothes. That is what the job called for. I asked him if he didn’t think that was improper to copy other people’s work, and I told him of my experience. What he said was like a time-bomb that went off in my brain. He said, “What do you think the great master painters did? They had models to look at, and they painted the people and nature they saw. And, how can I draw a man’s suit if I don’t look at it?” Wow! How could anyone be as naïve as I had been? I realized that all famous artistes did look at their subjects, and thinking back I am certain I misunderstood what the teacher was saying. No one would say what I thought she said. I really got it all wrong, terribly wrong, and now I had twenty years to make up. MOVING ON After coming to my senses, I set out to learn all I could about painting. I was driven. I had a family and made very little money and it was tough finding the time to study and money for painting, but I pursued it as much as I could, a night here and a Saturday there once in a while. I took every workshop and class I could. I even audited some classes at the University of Houston, but the most positive influence for me came from the classes taught by Dick Turner. He was a master painter and his paintings sold for many thousands of dollars some thirty years ago. But, he was even better as a teacher. I WILL SHARE ONLY ONE EXAMPLE He taught his students to think about what you are painting, don’t just mix and memorize colors, analysis what you paint. For example, you know a tree is green, so let’s call it “Tree color,” not green. Then, let’s say there are other trees some distance away. Think about it. There is distance and atmosphere between you and those far away trees. Distance we learn looks kinda blue, plus, there are particles in the air; particles in light are tiny specks of white. But don’t call it blue and white, call it by what it is, “Distance Color.” The farther away it is, the more distance color is needed. A tree 50 miles away is still green, but it looks pale blue. The distance has overpowered the local tree color. Think about what you paint, analyze it, feel it. Boy I loved to attend those classes. I couldn’t get enough. Dick is gone now and I surely miss him. I bought several of his paintings when I was taking classes from him. I really treasure them. I have them shown on my website. A TRAILER FULL OF PAINTINGS I have tried to make up for those lost years. One time I had a trailer full of paintings that I was taking to an art gallery in Roswell New Mexico. And along the way several of my family said they didn’t realize that my paintings were for sale, how about selling some to them. I agreed and gave them the gallery prices. When I got to the gallery I only had a few remaining. I left them at the gallery on consignment and they sold quickly. It has always been a struggle selling paintings to friends and family, you feel you ought to do it for free. It is awkward for friends and family to ask about buying a painting, but this trip took the awkwardness away. GOD CREATED COLOR Well, enough reminiscing about yesteryear. If you have made it this far, reading my bio, I will reward you by closing out with one last thought. Our Creator was the most masterful painter of all. We get to see the wonder and splendor of His tapestry every day in every flower and in every drop of dew. I am so thankful God created color. Sidney Vaughn

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