Koj - Name meaning earth

48.00"W x 16.00"H x 0.0"D

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Shirley Slemc


Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: fluid acrylic, fluid

Media: acrylic on glass

Size: 48"W x 16"H x 0.025"D

Year Created: 2018

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My process changes all of the time. I have a working studio and I almost never go in with a plan. I almost feel as if I am letting the art reveal itself. I would say that my inspiration comes from God which translated for me is love and light.
Art Inspired by Mexico:
I traveled to Mexico recently with my sister who was treated there for breast cancer. It was a life changing experience; positive, relaxed, and beautiful in more ways than I can put to words. After three weeks of successful treatments, my sister and I returned home—and I was filled to bursting with emotions that needed to flow out onto something! Turned out the medium was glass. While in Mexico, I ordered a gorgeous, palette of paint colors and they were waiting for me at home. I got into my studio within a day of returning home and the results are a departure from my Cleveland Art, my African Art, and my other work. They are abstract, the bright and happy bold colors dance across the glass differently in each original. They are all mounted on standoffs so that light can bounce around them for all angles.

Common Wisdom: Do one thing. Be known for one thing.
But there’s no lid on my box and I can’t be constrained that way. When I feel something inside or see an idea in my head--and it has to come out on canvas, or metal, or glass, or a piece of furniture.
I’m always going to experiment as an artist, try new things, and stretch myself. I’ve accepted that about myself—and hope all of my Lofter’s enjoy my latest creations.

An artist, designer and owner of Shirley’s Loft, Shirley uses acrylics, mica pigments, resin, and other materials to create free-flowing, original paintings for both living and working spaces. She begins with a blank canvas and no idea which colors will be used or how the final piece will look. Using her God-given creativity, Shirley channels her emotions and experiences through her fingers and onto the canvas. A family affair, her talented husband makes each canvas and finished pieces are named by one of her four sons. There is no lid on Shirley’s box! Her creations are inspired by her designer’s eye, but also rooted in her deep Christian faith. She doesn’t know what is next, what she’ll be called to create—because she is truly called to use her artistic gifts to reach others, with urban Cleveland Art, African Art, Christian Art, and Contemporary Abstract Art. She is excited to see what is next! In Shirley’s opinion, art should never be limited to hanging on a wall. She is an experienced interior staging specialist and interior designer—as well as an artist. For many years, she has paired her love of painting and talent for interior design to create beautiful, inspired, spaces for others. Shirley’s Loft trades in everything from contemporary and abstract art to custom tables, doors, and a whole lot more. She transforms spaces by adding color, personality, emotion and sophistication. Shirley is happy to collaborate with those wanting to commission a piece of custom art.

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