Flamingo Number Three

18.00"W x 24.00"H x 0.2"D

$750 (Shipping Included)

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Seth Foss


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: animals, colorful, hardboard, graphic, painting, acrylic, beach house decor, tropical, birds, flamingo

Media: acrylic on fiber

Size: 18"W x 24"H x 0.2"D

Year Created: 2016

Flamingos dance under a red African sun. Lustrous rose feathers twist on damp runways, their loveliness only magnified by their innocence. Their existence is the antithesis of our own. They fall into formation like a French court and weigh each other's luxuries. A salmon down coat found to be more alluring than the others is celebrated, not envied. Watched, but not hated. They live in pure peace with one another. All aware that the flock's collective charm is more mesmerizing than individual fancies. Their genteel nature is not corrupted by the simple ties that bind us to these bird; the desire to be beautiful, and be recognized for that beauty.

Their allure is not rooted in artifice, but instead it is a natural reflection of the wildness of the Earth. Man has forced the Earth to her knees on our desire for beauty. Whe build beautiful cities to sacrifice beautiful forests. We create beautiful objects, in turn creating byproducts that poison our living world. We think beautiful thoughts and say beautiful words to mask our inner ugliness. One sin blazes the broad trail for another; vanity leads to greed and greed to wrath, from gluttony to war. Our trained instinct is a device of Snow White's own wicked witch; the proverbial poisoned apple. Our graceful, simple potential of our truth alludes us all. But we needn't look far to find it. It is present in every strikingly beautiful, watercolor plume of the Flamingo.

Seth Foss is a multi-layered artist born and raised in small town Wisconsin and currently residing in NYC. His education consists of Fine Art, Fashion Design and Makeup Design obtained from both London College of Fashion and the University of Wisconsin. His current work plays with the emotional duality between nature and modern civilization.

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