Tree Worship by Woman

9.00"W x 12.00"H x 0.1"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

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Seema Kumar


Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: simplicity, traditional dress, traditional art, sari, indian costume, indian bride, folkart, nature-inspired, nature worship, praying, trees nature, stylized, sketched, marker drawing, red and black, trees, folklore, rural landscape, madhubani art, mithila art, banyan tree, tree worship, indian folk art, beautiful indian woman, beautiful woman art, woman

Media: markers on paper

Size: 9"W x 12"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2016

"Tree Worship by Woman" is a drawing with marker on 9"x12" paper. It has been created freehand, without any prior pencil drawing. For depicting figures and nature, "Mithila" or "Madhubani" folk painting style of India has been used for this artwork. A woman worshiping a banyan tree and a surrounding nature, in freehand stylised form, has been depicted in this painting. The free-flowing primitive art like freehand lines and figures (and often used bright and vibrant colours) of Mithila art, also known as Madhubani painting, inspire me. It is a folk art of my native place in Bihar, India, where women folk used to paint on the mud walls of the village houses and interior walls of the nuptial chamber where bride and groom stayed. Traditionally, it was more of a mural art, now being done on paper, fabrics and other materials. I have grown up seeing my grandmother and aunts make those paintings during marriage ceremonies and festivals as a ritual, with specific symbols being used for specific paintings and occasions, and/or for decoration. For me, it was a part of the family ceremonies, until I grew up to study fine art and design and tried to understand the deeper significance of these symbolic folk paintings done generation after generation, by household women folk who were not designated as “artists”. Maybe, being a part of this cultural tradition, the bold colours and fine lines formed a part of my psyche and subconscious influence, even when I did not try to do it consciously. Some traditional styles used very bright and vibrant natural colours whereas some are drawn using monochromatic lines, like red or black. The figures drawn are flat, linear and without perspective. I like working with the Mithila/ Madhubani folk art in the traditional as well as contemporary context. I love to explore different mediums from black pen and marker to bright and vibrant colours.
I enjoy drawing and painting freehand, where every freehand action, every mark created, leads to the next one, and next, creating a poetry with lines, a story in rhythm. I draw and paint intuitively and spontaneously, moving from chaos and void to order, balance and rhythm. I go with the flow, painting only something that I connect to, something that comes from deep within. For me, art is like meditation and music. It blocks out all negativities and pressures, putting me in a state of “flow” (as stated by Mihaly). To me, art is an expression of the self, though the underlying meaning of art also depends on the viewer, the audience and the interpreter. Art has the power to influence minds and societies. Knowingly or unknowingly, art has an impact on us and influences not only the creator of the work of art, but also the viewer.
(Disclaimer: The image shown is a photograph taken using a digital camera. Colours may vary slightly from the actual artwork and may also vary from one computer screen to another).

I am professionally a Designer, an Artist at heart and Writer for the soul. Originally an Artist-Designer from India, I currently reside in Greater Atlanta Area, Georgia, USA. Graduate in Drawing and Painting (Honours) and postgraduate in design (Master of Design- M.Des.), a state level award winning art student, visual art remains my first and foremost passion. After completing M.Des. in the year 2000, I started working as a designer in fashion and apparel industry in India. After eight years in the industry, joined fashion/apparel design institutes and taught drawing, illustration, art and design related subjects at graduate and postgraduate level for about another eight years, while pursuing my passion for art. With over sixteen years of work experience in the field of fashion, design, art and academics, I am a full time artist now and accept commissions for art and design.

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