18.00"W x 24.00"H x 0.8"D

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Seema Kumar


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: expressionism, cubism painting, geometrical art, geometric, acrylic, modern art, modern interior, multicolored abstract, multicolor, hot pink, fuschia, yellow, purples, blues and greens, red oranges, oranges, reds, lines and circles, contemporary art, contemporary abstract, original abstract painting, original painting, entangled, circle of life, burlap canvas, acrylic on canvas, collage effect, collage-painting, bright colors

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 18"W x 24"H x 0.8"D

Year Created: 2016

This painting "Dilemma" is with Acrylic paint on Burlap Canvas of 24"x18". The rough and rugged texture of burlap canvas, with the collage effect painting, the overlapping circles entangled in the multicolour web presents the dilemma we often face in life. This painting is a part of the series "The Circle of Life" that I have been working on, inspired by circles and abstract geometric shapes and forms. It is fully hand painted and no paper has been pasted for the "collage look". The painting has been done with acrylic paint to give "collage effect".

I draw and paint intuitively and spontaneously, trying to move from chaos and void to order, balance and rhythm. I go with the flow. I believe in the power of colours to help evoke a positive or negative response. This painting is in bright and vibrant colours, bringing warmth to the surrounding space. The bright primary and secondary colors make the painting vibrant while the circular shapes and spherical forms take it towards calmness, concerntation, and effort to be centered towards the core of our being. To me, art is an expression of the self, and through shapes and colours I express whatever is going on within, though the underlying meaning of art also depends on the viewer, the audience and the interpreter. I believe that knowingly or unknowingly, art influences not only the creator of the work of art, but also the viewer.

The sides of the original gallery wrapped watercolor canvas are painted as a continuation from the front of the painting. This painting can be hung vertically (portrait format) as well as horizontally (landscape format).The painting is sealed with clear sealer.

(Disclaimer: The image shown is a photograph taken using a digital camera. Colours may vary slightly from the actual artwork and may also vary from one computer screen to another).

I am professionally a Designer, an Artist at heart and Writer for the soul. Originally an Artist-Designer from India, I currently reside in Greater Atlanta Area, Georgia, USA. Graduate in Drawing and Painting (Honours) and postgraduate in design (Master of Design- M.Des.), a state level award winning art student, visual art remains my first and foremost passion. After completing M.Des. in the year 2000, I started working as a designer in fashion and apparel industry in India. After eight years in the industry, joined fashion/apparel design institutes and taught drawing, illustration, art and design related subjects at graduate and postgraduate level for about another eight years, while pursuing my passion for art. With over sixteen years of work experience in the field of fashion, design, art and academics, I am a full time artist now and accept commissions for art and design.

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