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66.00"W x 40.00"H x 1.5"D

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Scott Denholm

Moffat Beach, QLD

Medium: Painting

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Media: oil on canvas

Size: 66"W x 40"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2012

Ready to Hang

Take home this epic original surf art painting titled Anticipation! This stunning painting of the famous surf break HT’s in the Mentawai Islands is considered one of the worlds most perfect reef breaks and has proven to be a very popular print. It sets the atmosphere of any room as though you’re in the water, air thick with the anticipation of an oncoming storm.
This painting has been created with Cobra water mixable oils, on a heavy raw hemp canvas stretched on professional quality Queensland re-growth Hoop Pine stretcher bars, Tri-Art eco gesso sludge and Micador FSC brushes. No toxic solvents were used at all in the process.
Comes ready to hang.
Name: Anticipation
Medium: Water mixable oil colour on stretched hemp canvas
Size: 167.6cm x 101.6cm (66 x 40 inches)
Date: September 2012


Scott Denholm’s contemporary ocean scenes tell a story of love and betrayal between nature and humanity by capturing fleeting moments of raw power and infinite beauty of our coastlines and oceans. Scott’s carefully chosen colour palettes and unique rhythmic style draw the viewer's attention to expose long lost feelings, memories, and emotions of their personal relationship with the ocean.

Scott’s paintings transcend age and resonate differently among viewers depending on their bond with the ocean.

“Everyone’s relationship with the ocean is different. As a surfer, my relationship is an erratic but balanced kinship - there’s a lot of emotions. I absolutely love it; I feed off it, it energises me and inspires me daily. But I’m always respectful, cautious of becoming satisfied and complacent - just when you think you’ve conquered her, or you’ve felt comfortable, she will put you back in your place and humble you with her raw power and changing moods.”

A champion for marine conservation, Scott’s art helps bring awareness to environmental issues and inspiring change in mindset away from the status quo of relentless progress at all costs.

A force to be reckoned with and already in collections in Australia and internationally, Scott Denholm is becoming a well sought after emerging artist - represented by several Australian galleries and strong online sales, he is looking to soon be represented internationally.

Scott Denholm is an award-winning contemporary ocean artist living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Scott began painting traditional landscape scenes in 1993, age 10 and received two years of tutoring from local artists. As a junior, Scott’s award-winning landscapes showed a maturity in his style and technique years beyond his age. After moving to the Sunshine Coast in 1996 he took up surfing and immediately developed an infatuation and respect for the ocean. Later joining the famous Australia Zoo crew for 7 years, his interest and dedication to the environment led him on the path in 2011 to becoming the world’s first and only eco-conscious surf artist. In his mid-twenties Scott had started to became aware of the health dangers and environmental impacts associated with traditional oil painting processes as well as the toxic, crude oil by-products used to make surfing equipment. Always striving for positive change, he decided to combine his passions and set out to find the most eco-friendly products available and become both an eco-conscious surfer and artist. After two years of researching, sourcing and testing eco-art materials, he started painting surf scenes with the intention to share with the surfing community to help educate surfers and brands about the impacts of traditional surf products and marine conservation issues. Scott is also in the process of writing a book/how-to guide to educate and help other artists make the transition to a healthy, non-toxic and environmentally friendly studio. “Combining my lifelong passions of surfing, art and the environment, I hope to inspire a shift in thinking among surfers and artists to pursue their passion with an eco-friendly outlook. I also strive to educate anyone who is stoked on my surf art, surfing and the ocean about the environmental issues facing our oceans, beaches and surf breaks.” Scott’s inspiring contemporary and abstract ocean scenes are a reflection of the surfing fraternities endless search for the perfect wave – freedom, raw power, perfection and untouched beauty – the state in which all oceans and surf breaks should be conserved indefinitely. His attention to detail and appetite to experiment and improve means his style is constantly maturing and finding new ways to keep fans and collectors stoked.

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