24.00"W x 18.00"H x 0.0"D

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Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: abstract art, people and figures, subway

Media: oil pastels on paper

Size: 24"W x 18"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2014

I am Sarah Kretzschmer-Spears
I am an artist who uses whatever media best fits my message
I am a teacher who unteaches
I am focused on retaining the ability to unfocus
I am determined to create silent ripples

I have an artist’s education, experience, mind, and difficulties
I have hope that eclipses my reality
I have limited vision that dares not impede my vision
I have journeyed far both in my life and my world
I have a desire to do better tomorrow than I did yesterday

I thrive in my world of color
I thrive in self-made challenge
I thrive in knowing I have more to learn
I thrive on the art of Kandinsky, Skoglund, Murray, and more
I thrive on finding new modes of expression

I dream in abstraction
I dream of surpassing my dreams
I dream of creating change
I dream to be inspired
I dream of being beyond tribulation

I will never fall and not get back up
I will always live up to my higher expectations
I will forever be open to new ideas and views
I will continue to seek guidance
I will be myself no matter the cost

I have been making art since I was able to hold a crayon (and have photographic documentation to prove it). Art was all I ever wanted to do and all I ever felt I was meant to do. Going hand in hand with my own practice is my teaching practice. I have been a public school art teacher for over 12 years which helps to ignite, inspire, and drive my artistic practice in both expected and unexpected ways. I was born with vision and eye issues which have been at the core of my artistic vision and always informs my work during at least one stage of the process. Because of this I literally see things in a different way. My art is a key into my brain and heart but it also acts as a way for me to see and understand the world at large. I work in many media from drawing (marker, oil and wax pastel), acrylic painting, multimedia painting, and ceramic and multimedia sculpture. I love manipulating canvas by cutting, tearing, and sewing it in different ways. I also love manipulating wire and beads and mixing these (and other media) with more traditional media such as clay and canvas. I have always taken my art seriously, have always been active, and have always shown and sold my work small scale, but have just recently begun to take it to the larger audience and get it "out there" so to speak.

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