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Lantern Nº 5

22.00"W x 30.00"H x 0.1"D

$1,600 (Shipping Included)

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S Richardson

Williamsburg, VA

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: greens, greenery, plants, abstract plants, colorful wall decor, living room art, colorful abstract, green, abstract organic, nature, nature inspired, abstract expressionism, interior design art, contemporary abstract, organic, expressive, gestural painting, turquoise, colorful

Media: acrylic on paper

Size: 22"W x 30"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2017

At the core, the Lantern Series is a passionate expression of hope. As I explore this series, I am working with the concept of abstracted, nature-derived lanterns, candles and candelabras. Distinctly organic light source interpretations created in a dynamic way.

Lantern Nº 5:

{+} Is created with acrylic paint on archival 100% cotton 640 gsm heavy weight primed paper

{+} Will be carefully packaged including a pH neutral barrier to protect the surface

{+} Signed and dated on the back, small signature on the front and certificate of authenticity

{+} Fine layer of archival varnish applied to front of artwork to protect/inhibit UV rays

{+} The full paper size is 30h x 22w (76 x 56 cm) however I am suggesting a 1-2" crop / mat allowance for the framer and to help cover the edges. The interior design image above helps show how the painting could look framed.

© Richardson All images and rights reserved.

Growing up in a small mid-western town where art was not essential at the time meant I had a late start compared to some of my colleagues. I wasn’t born with a brush in my hand nor did I start drawing when I was 3. However, I was naturally creative with what I had available to me as a kid and spent tremendous amounts of time outdoors imagining, playing and writing. I realize now looking back, a dynamic imagination is one of the footholds in a strong artistic foundation. The 3rd year in college is where my choices fully opened and I suddenly learned I had a talent for painting. I'd like to be clear how fortunate I am - a lot of life events could have happened that didn't. Some of my personality traits helped propel me through this period in my life. I went from zero to 60 in moments and did it while battling progressive severe ulcerative colitis. I was also given a lot of help for which I am eternally grateful. I graduated with a BFA and honors in painting and was accepted into the MFA program at University of Washington, Seattle. I flourished in the studio environment, grew to treasure the freedom professors granted me and loved the diverse cultural events Seattle offered. There was a point during this time I was becoming terribly ill and thought I would have to drop out of grad-school. I refused. I mean it – I absolutely refused. I took 3 months off, had 3 major surgeries and stubbornly insisted on returning as soon as I could. After grad-school, instead of moving to NYC as expected, I relocated to Los Angeles. I was young (recovering from life-altering surgeries), wanted to experience all kinds of worlds, do the unexpected and get to know something completely different. I continued to paint, show in group exhibitions and consistently sold work in South Hollywood. To fund my studio pursuits and ultimately help support my family, I worked as an interface designer that led to a stellar long term career in web development. I continued to make art, but there was always an element of unrest because of the constant divided attention between a demanding career and time in the studio. In 2012, I made one of the best decisions of my life — to return my entire focus to painting, drawing and photography. I have never been happier.

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