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Acrylic on Canvas

70.87"W x 61.02"H x 0.0"D

$1,150 (Shipping Included)

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Santiago Jager

Montevideo, MO

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: modern art, contemporary artwork, acrylics, acrylic, colorful abstract, abstract wall art, abstract painting, abstract expressionism, abstract, abstract art

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 70.87"W x 61.02"H x 0.04"D

Year Created: 2017

In every work, I try to represent change and how positive this is in our lives. I deeply think we are spiritual beings living a human experience and we need to keep changing in order to evolve. Among other techniques such as meditation, one of the best ways to evolve is through art and this is my mission, represent my mental evolution through my artworks and help others.

Since I think I was born in an abstract world where we can attract everything we want to lives, I always try to be as abstract as possible so my viewers are able to interpret my work through their own perspective, as abstract as possible. I also use strong colors to get deeper on emotions.

If I have to choose a contemporary artist from which I got quite inspired when I started painting, I would have to say, Gerhard Richter. By his “layer after layer” technique I try to represent all our own layers, our own different personalities. I was also very inspired by Franz Ackermann, his technique and his use of colors. And in my childhood, I was deeply inspired by Jackson Pollock and his biography.

I have always been attracted to design and creative stuff. Studying Graphic Design for three years made me start drawing abstract illustrations and realize I was able to get very satisfied and express myself at a deeper level. I colored them in Photoshop and when I printed and framed them in bigger dimensions, I discovered I wanted to move onto bigger surfaces. On 2015 I began theoretical and practical contemporary art courses at the Contemporary Art Foundation in Uruguay. I haven't stopped since then I have been selling my art around the world. I'm planning on moving on 2018 to Berlin and course an Art Residency and keep moving to other countries around the globe.

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