Head of a Crocodile

37.00"W x 21.00"H x 0.5"D

$500 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Reinder Oldenburger

Los Angeles, CA

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: piece, neo-expressionism, oldenburger, reinder, painting, large, expressionist, york, new, colorful, animal, crocodile, aligator, head

Media: acrylic, canvas, oil

Size: 37"W x 21"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2018

I painted this large, colorful painting of a big crocodile's head in my studio in NY, 2013.
This original piece is 37x21 inches in acrylic and oil on canvas and is a real eye catcher! This piece is signed and dated on the front and will ship carefully rolled up in a mailing tube. This painting is on un-stretched canvas and will need framing or stretching before it can be hung. Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Everything is open to multiple interpretations. My paintings are driven by the excitement of provoking curiosity. Making art is a hunt; I compose my canvas from the abstract. As I sketch, bodies of color define themselves and become cues to the composition that connect to form a focus. Working on all parts of the canvas at the same time, movement and a sense of depth develop in the balance between bold lines and the bones of the original sketch. Process is revealed in each picture, crucial to the totality of everything I paint. My work is a melting pot of intuition, labor and chance. The immediate goal is to make every line more meaningful than the last. I am influenced by abstract expressionists, CoBrA, and impressionists with action painting at the center of my practice. Expressive and abundantly colorful, playfully challenging, my work contains a raw stream of shapes and colors traveling uninterfered from imagination to brush. I continuously explore new mediums and will use anything that leaves a mark. My paintings are my footprints my oeuvre is my path. Born and raised in Fryslân, The Netherlands, Reinder Oldenburger developed a passion for the arts at a young age. Fascinated by the world around him, color and sound proved to be the two things that moved him most. At the age of 13, Reinder began studying and playing guitar, eventually moving to Amsterdam at age 19 to attend the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he graduated in 2007. When asked about his songwriting techniques, he would often be found describing how each song had a color, which he then turned into words and melodies. He has been painting since 2011 and continues to make music. - Reinder currently lives and works in Los Angeles

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