Blop Series- B

6.00"W x 6.00"H x 2.0"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Rolando Reyes


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: small painting, decoration, urbanart, expressionism, contemporary, modern art, interior design, homeinterior, homedecor, abstract, inkblot

Media: acrylic on hardwood panel

Size: 6"W x 6"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

Painting that carry personal emotions, ideas and dreams during the creative process. A burst of colors that tells a different story every time. Its a living thing in constant evolution. An open interpretation on each individual experiences.

The appreciation of an abstract painting it's all based on personal experiences and memories.

Intuitive, modern, abstract paintings, influenced by street/graffiti art, heavy texturized and vibrant colors are some of the words that describes the style of Rolando Reyes. Born in Puerto Rico and currently living in New York, in where he practice as a dentist. Rolando is passionate for art in all its forms and is constantly creating. Even when he doesn't have a formal education solely in Plastic Arts, throughout his life and professional formation, art has always being present in everything he does. Constantly creating and developing ideas, he has being distinguished by his drawing, paintings, photography, music, videography, graphic design and decoration. This collection evoke deep emotions based on your personal experiences and imagination. Attention to detail is important when contemplating each piece. Extraordinary color composition and shapes over different media that includes canvas, glass and mirror transforms in front of your eyes. The heavy textures, the flowing paint and vibrant colors over each medium make each piece unique and almost sculptural.

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