"Storm Surge at Spring Point"

36.00"W x 24.00"H x 4.5"D

$2,050 (Shipping Included)

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Rob Anderson

South Portland, ME

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: maine, maine seacoast, spring point light, storm surge

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 36"W x 24"H x 4.5"D

Year Created: 2016

Ready to Hang

This is a large painting I did for my solo exhibition last summer on Peaks Island. It is a break wall that we often walk out on. Its a great place to sit (under the light house) and watch and photograph passing Lobster boats and tankers etc. It can be deadly if there is a storm with a powerful surge. It frightens me to even think about walking out there during a storm.

What a little frail near sighted misfit I was growing up as a gay son on a cattle ranch. It was located in a land of redneck Mormons, high in the mountains of Utah. I was an overly sensitive kid who needed glasses and started school at the age of 4. From kindergarten until I graduated from college, all I really cared about was music and drawing and painting... It was a way for me to escape. There was intense friction between my gruff cattle rancher father & his son that embarrassed him. After high school at age 19 I was told I was going to be a missionary for the Mormon church. It was a two year interruption while they sent me to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to sell religion. The only really positive thing for me to come out of that was an introduction to the East Coast of the Canada and a growing love of the rugged shore of the Atlantic ocean. I somehow survived & was fortunate to earn a spot on an International Touring Dance Team for Brigham Young University. With them I was able to travel a great deal. Later I owned a Salon and was a stylist for 17 years. I have learned to knit like crazy and am continuing to attempt to master the potters wheel and the beautiful art of stained glass. My youth taught me appreciation for nature and it's beauty. Dancing and touring across The Pacific Rim, Europe Russia, the Middle East and China among other places, instilled in me the hunger for travel and discovering other cultures. Religious repression gave me the courage to get the hell out of Utah when the Mormons gave me the boot. Determined to move from that environment, I traveled to Alaska and many parts of the US for a year. I wanted to be as far away from Utah as I could. After much thought and research I finally landed in Maine. For twenty years now I've called Portland my home. Working in a marine environment certainly isn't an artistic calling but it does have it's rewards. I do like to eat fine food and drink excellent wine. I also enjoy seeing the islanders daily.... many of which have become close friends. I'm just very lucky to be able to work by the water. I don't even mind a rusty car or cleaning the seagull shit from my windshield. I've painted on-site in some inspiring places. The Alaskan tundra, the British Isles... the Grand Tetons and now the craggy coast of Maine. The possibilities here are endless. I do love to paint and think maybe now I might be ready to tackle my uncle's fence. Too bad..he's gone now. Maybe he is resting in peace... or NOT!

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