Batanes on my Mind

29.92"W x 22.05"H x 0.4"D

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PInky Peralta

Las Piñas, CAV

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: hills, stone house, land-sea-sky

Media: watercolor on paper

Size: 29.92"W x 22.05"H x 0.39"D

Year Created: 2017

My impression on this hauntingly beautiful island preserved in the Philippines.Because it is in the forefront of tropical storms, they built their houses this way, stones from the area and keep it low so they have become resilient amidst it. I love the parallel in our lives.

Bio “I am an interior designer and a farmer for most of my life.Until I discovered watercolor.I was used to designing spaces and meeting spatial challenges and balance the intricacies with my penchant for natural farming. This uncanny combination compelled me to branch out to a more unpredictable expression of creativity.I fell in love with watercolor because like nature, I can’t control it totally. It has its own life . This natural fluidity and spontaneity blend well with a relentless pursuit of my kind of art.” As I paint, I don’t only rely on my intuitive sensitivity to light and color nuances that evoke mood, I also strive to convey my roots as a Filipino local with a peculiarly layered culture. I hope my watercolor finds a special place in your own world.” Pinky Peralta

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