Hat Pin Girl (PRINT) 20/50

8.50"W x 11.50"H x 0.5"D

$65 (Shipping Included)

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Paul Moschell


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: edition, limited, girl, pin, hat, hair, blue, archival, poem, rhyme, nursery, dress, moschell, print, portrait, brow, low

Media: paper, inks, archival, artist

Size: 8.5"W x 11.5"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2018

Here is an oversized limited edition print of one of my favourite nursery rhyme characters that I have created. Printed on archival paper with archival inks.
And here is the poem that I wrote just for her. The Hat Pin Girl .. Enjoy.

I met a little Hat Pin Girl
With wondrous stories true.
About her journeys 'round the world
From high a hat top view.

She told me of a cowboy hat
Ten gallons to the sky.
From where she watched a rodeo
And kissed a green horsefly.

She spoke of coffee and croissants
And of a French cafe.
And of a lush parisian life
Upon a red beret.

She praised a fortune cookie hat
That she herself did wear.
When she vacationed in a bun
Wrapped in a geisha's hair.

She sang of stars and crystal balls
And of her fortunes told.
When she was perched high in the turban
Of a gypsy old.

She sang with painted butterflies
At Hotel Easter Bonnet.
A Sunday morning get away
With plastic flowers upon it.

She spoke of her sombrero days
And cactus shaped pinatas .
She raved about fiestas wild
And pink pina coladas.

Where is she now I do not know
Where Hat Pin Girl could be.
Tangled in a mermaids wig
Down deep below the sea?

I'm sure she's somewhere magical
from all the things she said.
Traveling around the world
Atop of someone's head.

~ paul moschell
*Printed By Vango*

Artist and Oddball Paul Moschell has been producing his signature small and imaginative works on paper for well over a decade now. He also works with assemblage sculpture and has created two collections of elaborate assemblage hats/head pieces. Moschell continues to be represented by various galleries across the United States, Europe and Shanghai. He Also keeps a public studio in the Denver, Colorado. His paintings, hats, sculptures and tiny delicate hand painted matchbox portraits hang in hundreds of private collections around the world and his clientele range from the budding young art collector to well known celebrities.

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