N.5 Deterioration.

22.83"W x 22.44"H x 1.9"D

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Medium: Print

Subject Tags: colorful art, colorfull, colorful abstract, colorful painting, colorful, acrylic, pop art style, pop art, pop art colorful, pop art painting, 1950s pop art, new pop art, purple perfume, gold perfume, perfume bottles, blue perfume, perfume, perfume bottle, bottle of chanel, coco chanel, lover of chanel, chanelno5, chanel, chanelperfume, chanelbottle

Media: silk screen on canvas

Size: 22.83"W x 22.44"H x 1.85"D

Year Created: 2017

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The Story, What I tried to show in this painting is how a silk screen deteriorates, going from good quality print to a horrible print, and how colours can make an image look bigger or smaller or more beautiful than the other., The bottle, the bottle is a 1950's/1960's bottle of Chanel N.5.

I want to paint in series but giving every single paint I make a style and uniqueness, a soul. The reason I knew I couldn't go to school is because I knew I wasn't going to find what I was looking for in there. My process is very simple but complicated at the same time, It involves practice, patience, style and knowledge. First I choose an Image I want to paint, whether is a polaroid or a 35mm Film, if I want to paint a Polaroid the first thing is to make a 35mm black and white negative. once the negative is developed and dry, is put into a enlarger, That enlarger will allow me to project a Filtered High contrast image into a hand coated big sheet of film, and expose it for a few seconds, as soon as the image is transferred the film is developed, the result a high contrast positive transparency Image, that Image will be used to expose the Hand made Silkscreen, once the screen is exposed, developed and dry, is set aside to continue with the process. Then the film positive is used to trace the edges of the images with a carbon paper between the canvas and the film, when finished the result it's a Simple traced image. That Image is then hand painted and set aside to dry. the last thing I do is register the screen with the canvas and pull the squeegee.

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