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Still Life no.4

19.69"W x 27.56"H x 0.1"D

$250 (Shipping Included)

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Olga Oaks

Kharkiv, 63

Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: classical realism, pencil drawing, food still life, still life

Media: graphite, pencil on paper

Size: 19.69"W x 27.56"H x 0.08"D

Year Created: 2017

The way I see art is that it is a sort of information which is encoded through layers, shapes, symbols, colours, etc. I always try to incorporate something in my artworks in order to create something more than just a good-looking "empty" piece of paper but entrancing space for thinking. In this way, I have immensely serious attitude to details: no matter how inconsequentially it may sound, my aim is to make anybody stare at the drawing learning each line and form. It is a great pleasure for me to evolve my way of ponding with another new artwork.
However, the other marvellous aspect of art is its diversity. When you look at unspoilt clear paper where there is no frame, expect your mind, here appears the freedom. The force to express anything.
What did the artist want to express? How frequently I hear it from society. De facto it is a tricky questions. My point is cynical enough because I think that sometimes artists just play with human beings and make fun of their hypocrisy (as if viewers could find extra means hidden in the picture). I prefer not leave my work without sense but simply let people consider their own options. It is more satisfying for me to observe the reaction.
As for inspiration, hardly ever do I believe in it. Only ideas exist in my world. Alternatively observation is a method of seeking new visions, but no more than relaxation for brain and consentration on the reality.

My journey in art was set off in the childhood when my sister started to paint. Even then, her poor quality artworks had a great impact, which fulfilled my early little mind with a passion to create. I decided to follow at her footsteps what was supposed to study at school of Art. Now there are no regrets about this experience, however I must admit it was extremely hard. Spending there almost all of my free time and frequently even school time, I obtained huge knowledge and a set of skills in different fields of art. I have noticed plenty of changes in the manner of thinking, but the most important part was the comprehension of what I want to do during my life. No doubts, the answer was and is art. I continue drawing even after finishing my art-school period. Indeed, it is much harder now because I have to complete the general school education. Nevertheless, I am already looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life in Academy of Art and dedicate myself to art process entirely.

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