24.00"W x 36.00"H x 0.8"D

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Nina Fabunmi


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: contemporary, abstract, figure, male, nudes

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 24"W x 36"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2014

"Rise Up" sayeth a voice unto me
That voice that echoes even from within
But tell me how and how can I possibly rise up
The hardwork of my drowsiness
Hath left me at the mercy of my slumber
My motivation of the past hath left me in self deprivation
And now you expect me to rise up once more

"But you can rise up again!!!!"
Oh! Here comes the echo once more
Leave me alone and to my own vices
For how mayest I rise up whilst I haveth not the devices
Like a lame man cries unto the scorn of society
How can I walk when I have no feet?
Therefore I sayeth unto you, how can I rise up

"Why sayeth thou that?, for you have feet and you can walk"
Oh no! You understand me not
Do not mistake the literary for the emotive
I may have feet but they are not walking
"Because you refuse them the liberty of their walk"
Get yea behind me for you are nothing but talk
But the voice sayeth once more and again and again, "Rise Up!"

"Rise Up! Rise Up!! Rise Up!!! Oh Rise Up!!!!"
It's pondering perseverance prevailed on and on
It left me defeated, my adamance completely beaten
My feet began to move, breaking the shackles that were once my salvage
"See!!!, I told you you could do it", Oh be quiet , I replied
But by my actions, I had taken its heed
Even as I began to rise up


Nina Fabunmi is a contemporary representational artist with an MFA Painting from the Academy of Art University where she is currently a member of faculty. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Africa and America. She has won several awards and has been published in renowned art magazines such as the American Art Collector, Southwest Art and Artist Portfolio Magazine. She is known for her emotionally charged expressive technique which is primiraly derived by the use of a palette knife. She is also vast in portraiture, figures, landscapes and cityscapes. Inspired by her roots and environment, her paintings capture the beauty, and energy of the bay area where she resides. ninafabunmi.com

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