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In Between, medium, limited edition of 5

35.43"W x 29.53"H x 0.0"D

$680 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: ass, bottom, naked, behind, pumpkins, pumpkin, surreal, surrealism, fruit, woman, dream, digital, fantasy, fruits, painting, landscape, dreamlike, dreamscape, dreamscapes

Media: collage, digital on paper

Size: 35.43"W x 29.53"H x 0.04"D

Year Created: 2014

'In Between' (medium)
90cm x 75cm, from edition of 5.

"There is something endearing about the fairytale-like structure of Nikolina’s world, despite its murky and complicated undertones. Some pieces are more conventionally supernatural than others, but each introduces or returns to a character that the narrative is then built up around. The mostly solitary figure interacts with the environment Nikolina creates- usually a dark space, inside or outside, with a few telling symbols scattered around it. The concept of inside and outside strikes a dichotomy that presents itself in almost every aspect of Nikolina’s scenes- and it leads a special tension along with it. There’s internal against external, then versus now, and birth circling death. Nikolina’s pieces embrace these pairs as contrasts that depend only on one another- without the yin, the yang cannot exist."
...from Highlark magazine

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Giclée on heavyweight, museum quality, acid free paper, printed with 2cm white border. Comes with signed & numbered certificate of authenticity.

Also available as small edition of 7, and large edition of 3. Please enquire with artist for any works not seen in gallery.
Full gallery at http:/www.nikolinapetolas.com

Nikolina is a visual artist from Zagreb, Croatia. She works in various techniques, such as photo collage, oils and acrylics. In her metaphorical presentations, from multiple personalities, dreamlike landscapes to strange and dark characters, creatures and environments, she uses the observation of inner conflicts and questions that arise from them, as a dreamy and vivid example to show complex human emotions and drives as well as her subjective personal experience of the world. Nikolina's work has gained awards and recognitions and has been shown in numerous international exhibitions and several art projects. Her work is included in the largest exhibition of surrealist art in the world "International Surrealism Now" and is also represented in the prestige "Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler" by Gerhard Habarta.

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