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48.00"W x 36.00"H x 0.8"D

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Nestor Toro


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: los angeles, wall art, nestor toro, fine art, original art, acrylic abstracts, acrylic, abstract painting, paintings, painting, contemporary, abstract paintings, abstract

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 48"W x 36"H x 0.8"D

Year Created: 2015

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This Original Fine Artwork Includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Nestor Toro to protect your investment in this emerging artist!

I start most of my painting with big bold strokes of a neutral colors. Love creating those first layers building up into a complex combination of shapes, colors and patterns. This piece was made using palette knifes and rubber spatulas then drizzled endless amounts of clear string gel swirling layers after layers creating the finishing texture, which is very striking. High quality rich Golden gold, orange and blue iridescent mediums and UV protection. Statement piece.
triple primed canvas.

Additional Info:
I include a certificate of authenticity that lists the materials as well as when the painting was completed. Fine high quality materials such as Golden and Sennelier products are used and UV protective enamel for sunlight protection.

I am an abstract painter and live and work in Los Angeles. I have developed my unique techniques over the years during which I am continuously experimenting to create works with emphasis on color combinations and blending to capture the essence of time and moment on canvas. I create each work with no preconceived outcome in mind, preferring to let the technique guide me in creating complex paintings. I work primarily with fluid acrylics along with various inks in addition to many other mediums to create intricate works that lure you in. Diversity of style is my style. I have too many ideas to confine them to just one "style"...I paint abstracts which should be free to go wherever my mind takes it. However. in all my work the common thread is perfection of color balance, harmony of the work, and my distinct voice being expressed consistently throughout all of them. Perfection is something I strive for regardless of the "style"...simple or complex, the end result speak for themselves.

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