Nasty Women

11.00"W x 14.00"H x 0.1"D

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Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: pop art, collage, woman empowerment

Media: collage on paper

Size: 11"W x 14"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2017

This piece is about taking back power in an age in which men are determined to take away our rights. Inspired by Hillary Clinton's Nasty Women quote, this piece looks at things Donald Trump has said about women and how women have to rise up and be strong in order to be equal.

Most people do not want to create art as they go blind. I do. As I begin to lose vision due to a cancer causing genetic disorder, I create in order to process emotions and to express myself and my feelings via creating beautiful pieces. My inspiration comes from my world around me, namely, capturing my emotions symbolically. I paint things that I see and are real, and I believe art needs to be a little gritty in order to be beautiful.

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