Interrupted dream

16.93"W x 20.87"H x 1.6"D

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Tauranga, BOP

Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: female body, surreal art, surreal figure, pencil drawing, original drawing, surrealism

Media: pencil on paper

Size: 16.93"W x 20.87"H x 1.57"D

Year Created: 2017

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Every painting of mine, reflects a period in my life and what I was encountering at the time. Though these experiences were very personal, my close friends have remarked that they can visualise the effect that my life experiences have had on my work and that they can read each picture and recognise what I felt when painting it.

Most of my life, I have spent in Uzbekistan (which was part of the Soviet Union at that time). Moving to New Zealand in 2003 expanded my horizons and my imagination. All new experiences and the dramatic changes in my life, came to be reflected in my paintings, giving them a unique perspective. My style has changed too - as after travelling to London and visiting Salvador Dali’s exhibition in 2004, there was no way back to realism or academism - I had found my voice! I prefer to not discuss what my art is about, but rather allow others to view the works and for them to take from my paintings what they themselves connect with. Some pictures scream with emotion , whereas others are very subtle. This is my way of understanding the world and connecting with others on meaningful levels.

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