9.00"W x 12.00"H x 1.0"D

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Morgan Peterson


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: abstract, bold, powerful, moving, unadulterated, raw

Media: ink, acrylic, pen

Size: 9"W x 12"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

Two years ago inspired by images of feminine power, strength and beauty, I decided to begin painting using acrylic . While painting I would get caught by an idea and set out to study it in all its forms. So I began to create a series of paintings. Paintings that focused on form by studying and highlighting muscle delineation and groupings. Paintings that focused on depicting portraits that captured the posers character. The portraits focused on the planes and shadows of the face using monochromatic color schemes at times to stress the beauty and not detract by using too much color. What I found interesting is that the portraits began to spark a dialogue. Some of my portraits appeared feminine and masculine at the same time without the usual characteristics to signify either sex it was left up to the interpretation of the observer. #vangoPULSE

My name is Morgan Peterson. I am a Vango artist. Thank you for visiting my portfolio. As a child I was always interested in making art. As a participant in the gifted and talented art and history program in elementary school, by being exposed at a young age to working creatively to express myself a seed was planted. The program infused art expression into every part of the curriculum. But, It wasn't until 2001, while attaining my bachelors of arts degree in business and studio art at Fordham University located in New York City, that I really got to hone my craft. The seed planted in elementary school had begun to grow into a sapling. By learning about; design and composition, how to use different mediums like metal or clay and taking figure drawing classes I was able to practice my craft. Most important learning to utilize these various techniques and mediums, I was able to train my eye and hands to bring to life the images of my soul. After attaining my degree in 2005 I continued studying independently at Urban glass in Brooklyn, NY. I took glass blowing classes and participated in the bead project. There I learned how to make my own glass beads and make fine silver jewelry utilizing the classic loop in loop method developed in the early Bronze Age from the Middle East. The sapling was now full grown and about to bear fruit more than ten years later.

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