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Sweet September

32.50"W x 16.50"H x 1.0"D

$460 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece

Medium: Print

Subject Tags: fiber art, bird art, wildflowers, nature print, colorful, hare print, fiber collage, linocut collage, linocut

Media: linocuts on textile, fiberworks, linen fabric

Size: 32.5"W x 16.5"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2017

I am a traditional printmaker, that is, I create my prints using time honored techniques.Larger linocuts and smaller etchings are my prefered techniques but I also do make the odd mono print, especially as I am a bit of a paper nerd, and like to print on odd paper, vintage maps, money, etc etc.....
Linocuts, is a piece of lino, that I cut... or rather gouge out my drawing in, you have to think negative, as everything you remove will print white and what is left prints black.... reduction lino, is quite tricky, you remove the lino as you go along printing, color by color, until my image emerges, great fun and my favorite technique of all.
I do quite a lot of etching on copperplates and use ferric acid for that as it is not hard on the environment. I add aquatint to get tonal values on my etchings, this technique involves rosin (that is, ground to pulver tree resin) and heat to melt it onto the copper plate.
I have no idea why printmakers like making life difficult, but we do!

Almost 20 years a full time printmaker and I am as much in love as the day I pulled my first print! My presses have moved with me, from Borneo to Singapore, from Singapore to Spain, and now on to Denmark, where I have set up my studio and gallery. I am self taught, a book, a way to thick copper plate and a gallon drum of nitric acid, making every mistake you could, and learning, learning as I went along. I started with etchings and added linocut when we moved to Singapore. I never want to be too "old" to learn, to challenge myself, to do better! My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, I have no single line of work, but prefer to make images as they come into my head, through books, I love to read, through radio, music and a huge part, from my daily dogwalks, that not only provide inspiration from nature but also moments of contemplation that results in many of my prints! All my prints are printed with first class materials for longevity.

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