From 9th st

19.00"W x 13.00"H x 0.5"D

$5,000 (Shipping Included)

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mac Hillenbrand


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: delmar, marquetry, wood, shore, seascape, clouds, beach, cliffs, coast, surf, san diego

Media: resin, shellac, wood on hardwood panel

Size: 19"W x 13"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2015

Ready to Hang

This is a marquetry painting out of wood! I'm very much interested in using wood grain to represent oceanic textures and set out a few years ago to create a process which would enable me to create this piece. 'From 9th st." is actually the view from the bottom of 9th st in Del Mar California, the street I grew up on. So this one holds a special meaning for me in that regard but also because it's the summation of years of work and experimentation. Integrated into this piece are 13 species of wood some of which I've left in natural wood tones and others which I've colorized with a unique process I've developed in which I paint with tinted shellac and sometimes wood pickling agent.

The veneer work is laminated to a sealed ½" composite board substrate. The surface and edges of the piece are varnished in crystal clear ultra uv resistant 'art resin' self leveling epoxy specifically designed to ensure the preservation and protection of both the woodwork and the integrity of these colors! This glossy finish also makes the piece washable. It also comes with it's own "French Cleat" for quick, easy and super secure flush hanging and requires no framing. When Ron Burgundy says "Stay classy San Diego" he's talking about having this type of artwork in your home. This is classy inlay here.

Mac Hillenbrand has recently been named one of the current '50 to Watch' San Diego artist's by the directors of the Mingei and Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for his innovative and visually stunning paintings out of wood inlay and resin. His artistic conquest lives within the intrepid dominion of creating paintings out of wood. Since opening his doors officially for business in 2015 this guy has secretly endeavored to invent and pioneer three new artistic genres; marquetry surf art in wood inlay, turning the grain of a singular board into a painting with his ‘Waves in the Wood’ series and thirdly reinventing stained glass with ultra-prismatic resin paintings on plexiglass. Both a graduate of The American School of French Marquetry and the founder of The French Fry Factory underground ‘art-space’ he is currently pioneering the use of marquetry wood veneering techniques specifically to explore the aesthetic organic parallels between wood grain characteristics and oceanic textures. He lives, works and surfs in San Diego.

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