Vulture Duel

16.00"W x 5.00"H x 0.8"D

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Lori Blaylock


Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: bird drawings, bird art, wild animals, wildlife drawing, wildlife art, vulture graphite drawing, vulture and bones, vulture portrait, vulture drawing, vulture

Media: graphite on paper

Size: 16"W x 5"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2014

Ready to Hang

[Framed in black to 9" x 20"]
Because wildlife and wild lands inspire my work, I believe part of my work is to learn more about what threatens habitat, wilderness and individual species. Through the years, I’ve come to believe that in order to save something, you must first love it and then understand it. So, if I can show you the beauty that exists in the details, through my pieces, maybe you’ll love wilderness as much as I do. And that is a start.

Vultures are one of my favorite birds. They are fascinating creatures. Resourceful and actually quite clean. These are two exotic vultures, but in my neck of the woods, you typically see the Turkey Vulture. Like Eagles, Vultures are enormous birds. Most vulture species gather in groups early in the morning to open their wings and face the sun. Some think this is a grooming or bonding ritual, I've seen it and it feels almost prayerful. An amazing sight!

My name is Lori Blaylock. I am a Vango artist. Lori Blaylock is a fourth generation Montanan. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Art Major that includes three areas of concentration: drawing, watercolor and ceramics. Lori started her company, originally called 2Dog Studio, in 2009. Her studio is currently located in Billings, Montana where she produces original traditional media drawings (graphite, pastel) as well as handmade copper jewelry. She currently shows in Montana, South Dakota or online. To learn more about Lori, see loriblaylock.com Thank you for visiting my portfolio and have a wonderful day!

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