Uccelli Series No. 16

9.00"W x 11.50"H x 0.1"D

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Elizabeth Parker


Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: liz parker, abstract expressionism, bright colors, bright, blue and yellow, blue abstract art, blue, blues, nautilus, aquatic, nautical, small abstract, minimal abstract, minimalistic, abstract, modern, contemporary, teal, green, minimalist, minimalism, simple, small

Media: pastel on paper

Size: 9"W x 11.5"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2017

This work is an exercise in the expressive nature of stroke, color and movement.
I’ve drawn from forms in nature to inspire the shapes and color, particularly from birds, where the name Uccelli comes from, Italian for birds. In my Uccelli series I enjoy rearranging the patterns with which birds are so beautifully clothed into abstract designs. Some may be recognizable and others are so manipulated that they may recall things completely detached from what they sprang from.

Born an artist, I have had the need to express myself through the act of creating from my earliest memories to today. I consider myself primarily self taught, though as a child and teen I took classes at the Battle Creek Art Center, Blue Lakes Art Camp, and Kellogg Community College. I began studying the renaissance at the age of thirteen and it continues to fascinate me. After graduating high school I traveled to Italy. Seeing the art which means so much to me was an invaluable experience. I am continually studying on my own. Books are my teachers and application my practice. I have been a part of many shows and competitions over the years, many resulting in wins. Some of the most notable galleries to display my work are the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts and the Battle Creek Art Center. I work in various media and styles. I am primarily influenced by Classical and Quattrocento art but I also admire abstract, expressionism, nonrepresentational, and surreal. Learn more at: lizparkerart.com

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