Two Birches (2014)

8.00"W x 10.00"H x 0.8"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Lisa Elley


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: painting, abstract, palette knife, trees, nature, landscape, tree, fall, decor, texture, forest, birch

Media: wired, standard, would, utrecht, continuous, could, rack, off, hang, you, the, no, knives, gallery, signed, archival, fit, buy, required, painted, canvas, pattern, colors, look, custom, frame, oil, artist, beautiful, painting, cotton, size, to, dated, stretched, wrapped, ready, palette, is, are, this, sides, an, have, quality on front, certificate, authenticity, is

Size: 8"W x 10"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

Did you know...
Birches have spiritual importance in several religions, both modern and historical.
In Celtic cultures, the birch symbolizes growth, renewal, stability, initiation and adaptability. The birch is highly adaptive and able to sustain harsh conditions with casual indifference. Proof of this adaptability is seen in its easy and eager ability to repopulate areas damaged by forest fires or clearings.
The Czech word for the month of March, Březen, is derived from the Czech word bříza meaning birch, as birch trees flower in March under local conditions.
They are also associated with the Tír na nÓg, the land of the dead and the Sidhe, in Gaelic folklore, and as such frequently appear in Scottish, Irish, and English folk songs and ballads in association with death, or fairies, or returning from the grave.
It is also New Hampshire's state tree.
In the Swedish city of Umeå, the silver birch tree has a special place. In 1888, the city was ravaged by fires that spread all over the city and nearly burnt it down to the ground, but some birches, supposedly, halted the spread of the fire. To protect the city against future fires, it was decided to plant silver birch trees all over the city. Umeå later adopted the unofficial name of "City of the Birches (Björkarnas stad)". Also, the ice hockey team of Umeå is called Björklöven, translated to English "The Birch Leaves".
Widely considered to be unofficial national tree of Russia
National tree of Finland
They sure are fun to paint!

Hello and Welcome! I am a full time artist, and paint every day in my studio in the gorgeous San Francisco Bay, trying to harness some of the spectacular beauty to be found in California and let it loose it across my canvas! Here in my Vango shop you will find a wide variety of my palette knife paintings. My store includes my current portfolio; small paintings which are often studies for bigger pieces, as well as huge paintings. Something for every budget! I like selling on Vango, because I love art and people, and I hope that you will have a great experience here from start to finish, as well as liking your artwork investment! Thanks for stopping by!

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