Sunflowers (2014)

10.00"W x 8.00"H x 0.1"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Lisa Elley


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: painting, palette knife, flower, modern, nature, landscape, photography, flowers, summer, yellow, floral, sunflowers

Media: painting, canvas, cotton, pure, palette, knives, oil, quality, artist, utrecht

Size: 10"W x 8"H x 0.08"D

Year Created: 2018

Sunflowers by Lisa Elley. Palette knife painting in oil. 8 x 10 x 0.08 inches. Unframed canvas board.

Original oil painting, landscape, sunflowers, palette knife, flowers, floral, nature, 8 x 10, artwork by San Francisco artist Lisa Ellen

I N S P I R E D* B Y: The beautiful simplicity of a field of sunflowers, rolling hills, blue skies and puffy white clouds. Painted with the palette knife, the texture is very thick, with lots of impact!

M A T E R I A L S: Artist quality oil paints, Pure cotton canvas board. This is a flat panel, ready to go straight in an off the shelf, or custom frame. Easel in photograph is not included.

M E T H O D: 100% Palette knife in oil. No brush!

P A I N T I N G* S H I P S: Unframed, ready to go straight in an off the shelf, or custom frame.

Certificate of Authenticity Included.

Painting is signed on front and signed & dated on the back.

*Artist retains the rights to digital and print reproduction.

M Y B A C K G R O U N D:
All my paintings are oil on canvas, using mainly palette & painting knives, with thick application, bold strokes, painterly detail and rich colors.
The palette knife gives my art a unique combination of contrast, fluidity, depth, texture and impact. I do not typically use a brush, as I prefer the way I can mix buttery paints and smear them on my canvas with a flexible metal blade. The amazing thick texture achieved with the knife reflects the light more than a regular brush painting and gives a beautiful sense of movement, with subtle highlights.
I am originally from New Zealand, where the beauty of nature is unsurpassed. The luminescent beauty of my homeland inspires me and I feel it in every stroke. I try to reflect this in my work and invite you to enjoy it as I do.

Hello and Welcome! I am a full time artist, and paint every day in my studio in the gorgeous San Francisco Bay, trying to harness some of the spectacular beauty to be found in California and let it loose it across my canvas! Here in my Vango shop you will find a wide variety of my palette knife paintings. My store includes my current portfolio; small paintings which are often studies for bigger pieces, as well as huge paintings. Something for every budget! I like selling on Vango, because I love art and people, and I hope that you will have a great experience here from start to finish, as well as liking your artwork investment! Thanks for stopping by!

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