Spring Has Sprung

9.00"W x 11.00"H x 0.2"D

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Lisa Brown

Watchung, NJ

Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: wildflowers, flowers, gardens

Media: collage, water color on paper

Size: 9"W x 11"H x 0.2"D

Year Created: 2012

I am a self taught artist who has learned by doing and by teaching. While experimenting I have discovered unique methods that best express my sense of fun with my passion for nature.

“Gardens of Hope”
This series of pieces began after 911 when the Spring came bringing with it beauty, splendor and a feeling of Hope and a sense of relief, marvel, and wonder.
I start with a vibrant mix of watercolors and allow the paints to flow onto the paper and seep into one another. After they are dry, I search the background for the seeds of color and shape that will allow the garden to grow. I then begin to place foliage and brilliant flowers that burst forth and extend off the paper. As the garden is emerging it is constantly in motion. I delve into the process and realize it is finished once the forms and shapes are combined to compliment one another and the garden has the life and magnificence that exemplifies this Hope.

-I am a self-taught artist who teaches while exhibiting and selling my work. During my 35 years of teaching I developed a series of “art-as-therapy” workshops for those suffering with illness and adversity. I have dedicated my life in the belief that art is therapeutic and can help express words hard to speak while allowing us to escape for a few hours. I find my creative voice in nature and have experimented with a wide variety of media using textured papers, folding, tearing, and twisted them into flowers. I have a BA in Art Ed, a MA in Creative Arts Ed. and the Assistant Supervisor for Creative Journal Expressive Arts with Dr. Lucia Capacchione, A.T.R. Since being trained in 2000 I have facilitated programs for support groups: (cancer, brain injured and bereavement) at the local hospitals, cancer centers, for Art Educators of New Jersey, retreats, high schools, and (CEU’s) colleges as well as facilitating a variety of workshops in my studio. As a trained Visioning® workshop facilitator, I run yearly Regional Retreats for CJEA trainees and published Beyond the Books an addendum to Dr. Lucia Capacchione’s books. In 2013, I wrote Hold the Moments: Creative Experiences in Parenting dedicated to those parents and grand-parents who want to make the most of the time spent with the children they love. It offers hundreds of projects to do with children and recommends you keep a journal of the stories and adventures you have together so that you can reminisce as the child gets older. I am currently working on Foam Board Creations a book for art teachers and those who like to build, create, and sculpt.

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