First rain on blue mt lindy c severns 16x 12 print 3323x2500
First rain on blue mt lindy c severns 16x 12 print 3323x2500

First Rain on Blue Mountain 16x12 Enhanced Print

12.15"W x 16.15"H x 0.2"D

$350 (Shipping Included)

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Lindy Cook Severns


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: davis mts, rainy, vertical painting, southwestern, landscape, sunset, cactus, texas, mountains, desert, clouds, realism, nature, impressionism

Media: inks, archival, pastel on paper, archival

Size: 12.15"W x 16.15"H x 0.15"D

Year Created: 2018

Blue Mountain, a landmark near our Far West Texas home, is only "blue" after successive rains coax golden grasses out of dormancy and moisture seeps into the lichen varnished rock. This sunset show illuminated the high desert right after the first rain following a prolonged drought. Runoff drained from the massive mountain in ribbons that pooled around cactus.
I created this piece in my studio, soon after that rain brought hope for the parched grasslands, and a promise that the familiar mountain would soon once again be Blue.
The original pastel landscape painting is large and very detailed. To give this unique fine art print that same "pop", I've repainted on it, using the same vivid pastel pigments I used to create the original. This lends subtle color variations and texture, as well as detail. No two enhanced prints are ever the same, so it isn't numbered. I sign it after painting away my original signature. So my enhanced print, or "remarque" is fine art to be treasured, and at a fraction of the price of my original. This 16" x 12" size is cropped to fit a standard sized frame.

Clouds towering above vast horizons. Scraggly critters. Blossoms nestled in cactus spines. I'm a seventh generation Texan, and the desert southwest is in my blood. In Houston, Midland, Lubbock, I've always been an artist. For two decades, I co-piloted a corporate jet beside my captain husband. I'm passionate about painting silent sunrises, rioting sunsets and the seductively beautiful, treacherous clouds I once skirted with respect. Flying was good, but as a 2004 Xmas gift to ourselves, we hung up our wings, sold our Lubbock, TX home of 26 years and intending to travel the continent, moved into a big RV. A trip to the remote Texas mountains changed our plans. We're still full-time RVers and love the freedom, but we rooted onto a ranch into the high desert of Far West Texas. I have a rustic studio within walking distance of our mountainside RV site. Across from my studio is a high- end fine art gallery, where I'm the artist-in-residence. Our neighbors are wildlife. It's a good life!

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