9.00"W x 12.00"H x 0.0"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Lindsey Wood


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: body, dance, leg, simple, illustration, watercolor

Media: watercolor, pencil

Size: 9"W x 12"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2018

I created this piece during a marathon of watercolor drawings I found myself absorbed with.

My inspiration in creating this piece is based on the human body and how it contorts.

This watercolor was done in under ten minutes with loud music playing. It was a fast piece.

I see an image I like and I recreate it with my art brain. The result is something usually odd, off, simple, thought provoking or chaotic. I have fun.... You can see all of my work at

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