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Almost a Flower

24.00"W x 24.00"H x 2.0"D

$690 (Shipping Included)

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Linda Toews

West Kelowna, BC

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: shiny resin, textured painting, flowers, abstract flowers

Media: abstract, mica powders, art resin on wood

Size: 24"W x 24"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Almost a Flower was inspired by tutorial on u-tub. Resin painting wasn’t even thought of back in high school.
I love resin and learning to control it ever so slightly is a challenge, but a rewarding one. When it goes right! Happy happy!

My name is Linda L Toews and I am fortunate to live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. British Columbia, Canada. My artist endeavours were nutured by a wonderful teacher. Suava Caitaine, who taught us every medium available at the time! I love to paint in water based oils, acrylics and mixed media. For the past couple of years I have invested considerable time in digital drawing, I learn something new everyday, so it never gets old. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it. Sincerely, Linda L Toews

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