House Portrait Commission

18.00"W x 12.00"H x 0.1"D

$300 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Linda Reid


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: landscapes, barns, watercolor, commission, house portrait

Media: watercolor, gouache on paper

Size: 18"W x 12"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2018

The owners were very proud of their newly constructed barn. They celebrated by commissioning a portrait!

I adore nature, especially in U.S. National Parks. They hold my happiest memories, toughest physical exertions, and the greatest inspiration for my artwork. My watercolors don’t contain symbolism, harbor deep meanings or make personal statements. Sometimes faces appear when I paint, so I let them stay. Otherwise, my artwork is simply a reflection and celebration of what is going on in my imagination at that particular time. My favorite pieces are the ones that I’ve let God paint. I look at them and know that while my hand controls the brush, I am not in control of my hand. The Master Artist is.

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