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Your Love Shines On Me Like The Sun an abstract figurative painting

12"W x 16"H x 0.8"D

$130 $100 (Shipping Included)

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Laurie Maves ART


Medium: Painting

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Media: acrylic, paint pen on paper, canvas

Size: 12"W x 16"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2016

Ready to Hang

This work is part of the "You are my number 8" series, a series about love, human connection and the universal experience. Mixed media on gessoed water color paper, these pieces represent your most favorite greeting card of all time on steroids. Laurie Maves has been painting abstracted figures for over a decade. The faces - especially the eyes - run together and cross over, signifying a merging of person to person as well as symbolizing the oneness of humanity. We are all one. Collaged onto Canvas this piece is ready to hang - see all photos in additional images

Laurie Maves is a Full Time Fine Artist, Live Performance Painter and Fabulous Circle Maker. She firmly believes she is here on this planet to make your painting. Laurie recently relocated from the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, to the turquoise waters and neon plant, animal and aquatic life of South Florida. A major and significant change in the artist's residential point of view has been systematically documented in this ongoing series simply called "Migration." Laurie is mostly interested in focusing on how the artist's color palette reflects the climate, people and fluidity of her new environment. Some choose to vacation in paradise. Laurie chooses to live there. Laurie Maves' series of circular abstracts are based on the conceptualization of healthy cells and the oneness of humanity. Simply called the Circle Paintings, this series in particular has been created to inspire others to love and to health. They are meant to be meditative in nature, organic reminders of perfect wholeness in the universe. The shape is an ancient symbol and can be seen in every culture, in every person, in every life that comes full circle. She hopes that her audience finds these paintings as promoting positive energy, relationships and peace. The artist that has been most influential in her art and style is Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo, who's image she often collages into her works somewhere. Laurie is constantly looking for inspiration in music, lyrics, poems quotes and short stories. She often works motivational words into her imagery, sealing the thoughts into the message of the painting in hopes of inspiring those who view her work. Laurie is also an artist who wants to promote the concept of living one's life with purpose. As an creative being, she is constantly finding ways to bring her works to the world, to inspire, to motivate, to facilitate creativity and promote love throughout the universe. She knows in her soul that this is a GARGANTUAN task but what else is there to do if she wants to live her life with purpose? Check out her latest series of circular abstracts based on the conceptualization of healthy cells and the oneness of humanity.

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