We Find the Love We Need to Heal, a 30"x30" modern abstract mixed media painting on unstretched canvas

30"W x 30"H x 0.1"D

$900 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: self-healing, selfheal, healing, contemplative, contemporary art, contemporary, modern, circleoflife, circles, circle, cells, cell, pinks, pink, abstract painting, abstract expressionism, abstraction, abstract art, abstract

Media: marker, acrylic, pencil on canvas

Size: 30"W x 30"H x 0.1"D

"We Find the Love We Need to Heal" is one of three paintings made initially for a triptych. This abstract circle painting is from Maves' earlier series of abstract circle paintings, focusing on cells - the intention of these paintings were for the viewer to feel their own body's healing at the cellular level. a video time-lapse has been made of this painting and its series that is available for viewing on Maves' YouTube channel via "Laurie Maves ART" . *THIS PAINTING IN ON UNSTRETCHED CANVAS, meaning the painting can either be hung raw like a tapestry or for a more formal presentation will require stretching or mounting and framing. The image is 30"x30" with about 2" - 4" of extra canvas on the edges to allow for stretching or framing. Laurie Maves' latest series of circular abstracts are based on the conceptualization of healthy cells and the oneness of humanity. Simply called the Circle Paintings, this series in particular has been created to inspire others to love and to health. They are meant to be meditative in nature, organic reminders of perfect wholeness in the universe. The shape is an ancient symbol and can be seen in every culture, in every person, in every life that comes full circle. She hopes that her audience finds these paintings as promoting positive energy, relationships and peace.

Laurie Maves is a Commissioned Fine Artist, Live Performance Painter and Fabulous Circle Maker. She firmly believes she is here on this planet to make your painting. Spanning more than 2 decades of a career being a creative, Laurie paints Everything! From landscapes to portraits, figures to abstracts, Laurie Maves is the internationally commissioned "portrait" painter. The artist that has been most influential in her art and style is Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo, who's image she often collages into her works somewhere! Laurie is constantly looking for inspiration in music, lyrics, poems quotes and short stories. She often works motivational words into her imagery, sealing the thoughts in the message of the painting in hopes of inspiring those who view her work. In addition to her painting, she loves the people she surrounds herself with, the ever challenging practice of yoga, and the fanciful world of collaborations. She feels that she shines her brightest when she finds other creative souls to conspire with. She has collaborated with musicians, animators, story tellers, photographers and poets. Laurie Maves is also an artist who wants to promote the concept of living one's life with purpose. As an creative being, she is constantly finding ways to bring her works to the world, to inspire, to motivate, to facilitate creativity and promote love throughout the universe. She knows in her soul that this is a GARGANTUAN task but what else is there to do if she wants to live her life with purpose? Check out her latest series of circular abstracts based on the conceptualization of healthy cells and the oneness of humanity.

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