Shine The Light of Love

12.00"W x 12.00"H x 1.5"D

$100 $90 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
Preview  mg 2009

Laurie Maves ART


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: contempoary, surrealism, pop, valentine, expressionism, love, heart, hearts, loving, circle, circles, abstract, valentines

Media: acrylic, collage, glitter, paint, pen

Size: 12"W x 12"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

From Laurie Maves' Heart of Circles Series 2015

My name is Laurie Maves.
I am a Commissioned Artist and Live Painter/Performing Artist based in Denver, Colorado. I work as 'green' as I possibly can, by recycling canvases, paint, collage materials and whatever else I can get my hands on. I also provide various artist services such as portrait commissions, mural work, table and bar tops. My work historically has been influenced by Picasso and Gauguin and most definitely Modigliani, but more recently by Frida Kahlo and Basquiat. Most of my work is figurative in nature, but my deepest focus has always been on color and texture. I use materials that build up the surface of my canvases so that the color can jump out at the viewer. I can paint any subject matter for commissions, but most often paint figures, faces, eyes, orbs, moons, landscapes and poppies.

My painting studio is located in the Valverde Warehouse District at 2590 W. 2nd Avenue, Unit 5b, Denver, Colorado 80219, USA
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All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of Laurie Maves. All Rights Reserved. It is for sale, copyrighted to Laurie Maves and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws. If you have permission to share my work, then fabulous. I appreciate the sharing of my work, but please consider the 10,000+ hours I have put into my craft in my lifetime.

Laurie Maves has always been an artist. She spent her childhood with her family in Freeport, Illinois, along with her larger-than-life imagination, always creating her own reality (often to the chagrin of her small town midwestern parents). There was nothing more she wanted to do, than to make something out of nothing. And if she could make something beautiful, she saw herself as a superhero. While living in Denver, Colorado in the late 1990's, Laurie took a leap of faith and gradually transitioned from her profession in the non profit sector as an art therapist to that of a full time fine artist and live performance painter. She opened a painting studio and began painting live at public concerts and music performances. She quickly gained clients and commissions and began developing her small art business, living her dream. Twenty years and 10,000 hours of working her craft later, largely a self taught artist, Laurie has enjoyed all aspects of owning her own business as a creative. After nearly two decades of living and working in the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado, she relocated to the Suncoast of Florida. Currently she lives and works in Sarasota, with her husband, Ralph Guglielmi and their two cats and their award winning Puggle. If she's not painting, you can find her either fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, or beach-combing the shores of Venice Beach and Siesta Key, finding joy and appreciation in her every day experiences.

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